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  • scritic


    I am an interpretive social scientist who studies platforms, algorithms, data, and expertise. Lecturer at UC-Berkeley. See http://shreeharshkelkar.net for more.

  • Alejandro Bustos Toscano

    Alejandro Bustos Toscano

  • Dakarai I. Aarons

    Dakarai I. Aarons

    Award-winning journalist and communications strategist

  • E-180 | Labs

    E-180 | Labs

    @E180 Labs: Taking the #networking & learning experience at #events & organizations to the next level! #BrainDates for Learning Humans //#EventTech #EventProfs

  • Travis Korte

    Travis Korte

    Methods, metaphors, futures. Data/prototyping for complex systems. Ex-@hackforla, @lacity, @datainnovation, @huffpost. Send me a weird diagram.

  • Timothy Young

    Timothy Young


  • martha coe

    martha coe

    Sociology doctoral candidate @ NYU. Interested in climate change + cities, consumption & all things urban. Currently sending dispatches from Prague, summer 2013

  • Karyn Lacy

    Karyn Lacy

    Sociology professor. Author of Zora Canon selection, Blue-Chip Black. Public writings appear in NYT, The Chronicle, and Public Seminar. Twitter: @KarynLacy

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