Many of us working outside of the academy have been truly affirmed by the displays of faculty support for pursuing non-academic careers during this year’s ASA meeting. Incidentally, we had been working on a writeup and guide (organized and led by Dr. Sam Jaroszewski) to help faculty help their students:

It was a frigid fall morning in Upstate New York. The seven of us unloaded ourselves from the van our teacher had rented and we spilled out into a parking lot outside of one of the libraries at Syracuse University. I remember looking up at the brick building in awe…

Around this time last year I shared a list of articles and books I read over the last 12 months — writing that really shaped my thinking about human behavior. It was so much fun (and so much better than listing things I was proud of about myself…I’m bored even…

They’re uniquely equipped to map how users interface with digital technology.

Photo credit: Rodion Kutsaev

The tech industry has always had a curious relationship with social scientists. As a PhD student in sociology in 2010, I remember hearing professors discuss the “Xerox Parc days”: starting in the late 1970s, anthropologists helped technologists encounter their machines in more natural habitats beyond the lab. Since then, social…

Matt Rafalow

sociology phd. tech researcher. author.

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